Dental Fillings in Pasadena, CA

Fillings are cosmetic restorations that help restore the health of your tooth, allowing you to keep your natural tooth. And that should be your eventual goal. At Jeanne V. Devi, DDS Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry in Pasadena, California, we are proud to offer our patients various options for fillings to meet their aesthetic and dental needs.

What Are Dental Fillings?

 Dental fillings help restore an impaired tooth. The damage could result from decay or trauma where your tooth’s enamel is compromised and needs service. If you have a damaged tooth, it can be restored with a dental filling. If you are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of fillings, we offer composite fillings, a tooth-colored filling that blends in with your original teeth. Dr. Jeanne V. Devi, DDS can help you choose the filling that is right for your mouth.

Why Are Dental Fillings Important?

Dental Fillings play an essential role in the health of your mouth. If you have decay in your mouth and if it is not treated, the decay will sooner or later affect the tooth’s roots. You would then require a root canal and perhaps even lose the tooth. A filling helps fix the problem at the first sign of decay, making sure that you can retain your natural tooth and as much of the enamel as possible for optimum oral health in the future.

What Is the Process For a Dental Filling?

At our office, we exert great effort to ensure your comfort throughout the filling process. We begin by numbing the affected area with an anesthetic. We go slow and gentle with this process, making sure that you are entirely relaxed once the anesthetic takes effect.

Once your mouth is numb, we extract the decayed portion of the tooth. With composite fillings, we use an abrasive tool to remove the decay and keep as much of the enamel intact as we can, as is necessary with amalgam fillings. After removing the decay, we will thoroughly clean the tooth to remove all bacteria before filling it. A clean tooth helps prevent the risk of infection in the future.

 Finally, we will fortify the tooth with the dental composite material. The filling closes up the tooth, preventing any further decay of the remaining enamel. The dental filling helps build the tooth back up so that you can go back to your routine, including chewing your favorite foods. No one will be aware that you have had a filling done because the composite matches your tooth enamel perfectly.

Non-drilling Fillings

At the dental office of Jeanne V. Devi DDS, we are happy to offer fillings that don't require a shot or a drill. Dr. Jeanne V. Devi uses dental lasers instead of anesthetics and drills to remove the tooth's damaged or decaying areas. Your dental treatment will be incredibly relaxing and delightful, thanks to laser dentistry. Since no anesthetic is used, multiple areas of the mouth can be treated in a single appointment, and there is no recovery-related numbness. We will use composite resin to fill the tooth after removing the damaged area. In order to ensure that the filling fits your smile comfortably and beautifully, he will meticulously shape and polish it. One visit to our dental clinic is all that is necessary to complete a white filling. We invite you to call or stop by our office today to learn more about "no shot, no drill" fillings.

If you think you have cavities, call Jeanne V. Devi, DDS Dentist in Pasadena CA,  at (626) 795-2544 to schedule an appointment. We will gladly help you understand your choices to restore your teeth to optimal health.


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