Jeanne V. Devi DDS


Roberta M.

I have been seeing Dr. Devi since 2009. I wouldn’t trade her for anyone. She is professional and knowledgeable. The staff is also right in there with the same qualities. Dr Devi advised me of new ways to take care of my teeth myself which aids in the care and prevention of dental problems that I didn’t know of from my previous dentist. I wasn’t happy with things the previous dentist was telling me so I decided it can’t hurt to go for a cleaning elsewhere and see how it goes. If I don’t like this new dentist I’ll just stick with the one I have. . But I was amazed!!! At the time my front teeth were looking jagged from wear. She is also an artist and bonded some of the edges to make them rounder. Did perfect matching and adhesion This was over ten years ago and they still look amazing. That bonding took years off my smile. I also get regular cleanings, she has given me new porcelain crowns where I once had gold. Removed all my metal fillings and filled them with whatever material they use now that matches teeth. Taking care of your teeth is a partnership between yourself and your dentist once you have a good one and the dentist informs you of what to do on your end. It isn’t all on them. That’s what she did! She is awesome! Thank you!


I’ve been seeing Dr Devi for 15 years. Very professional and very detailed. I feel especially confident in my treatment be because Dr Devi takes the time to explain the procedure. 👍

Mary R.

Dr Devi and staff so friendly n patient, came to this office for major dental work after a disastrous visit elsewhere. Excited to be getting my partials very soon

Mary R.

Dr Devi was awesome ! Came to her after a disastrous visit from another office that just mistreated me and performed dental work that was not needed , I’m be smiling soon with my new implants

EvaMarie R.

Dr Devi and the staff absolutely 5 stars! The service patience and overall experience is so welcoming, take it from me the most paranoid person of dentist work , they are absolutely amazing and so understanding

Preston O.

Dr. Devi and all Team Devi, are so professional and equally friendly. Dr. Devi and her clinical staff are well acquainted with the ‘state of the art’ equipment and are very attentive to patients’ questions and concerns. And, as to the business side of the practice, Claudia is great with all the insurance procedures and also explains how to get the most service from each patient’s plan. Great team and great skill.

Antione C.

Excellent friendly staff who always make you feel welcome. Top-notch dental care at a super convenient location. I highly recommend.


Dr Devi and staff are very nice and caring. I have lots of anxiety issues. They were all very supportive and did everything to make me feel comfortable. Thank you.


I consistently enjoy going to my dental appointment. All staff are friendly, professional, and work well. Team Devi have a good captain and show strong morale. See y'all soon.

Frank D.

Hi. Had an appointment yesterday to replace an old sensitive amalgam with a composite. During the procedure, Dr. Devi used a variety of innovative ways from staining for remaining decay or cracks in my tooth, to a micro sandblaster for cleaning the preparation. Doctor's assistant, Gloria, then took a digital image before the composite was place. The final results felt and looked perfect. I need to also mention Dr. Devi's receptionist, Claudia, who always welcomes me with a smile. I'll be going back soon, because of Dr. Devi's expertise and the excellent service her hygienist, Joanna, and staff give to me. Dr. D. Read less

Robert S.

Highly professional, skilled, and caring, always leaning in to what is best for the patient.

Carlos R.

I want thank Dr. Devi and her staff for professionalism and care for my family. Especially, during these challenging times we face with the COVID 19. On our recent visit we felt comfortable and safe in their 9ffice and care. We greatly appreciate everything they do for us.


Dr. Devi and her staff are extremely thorough and caring. I’ve never met a dentist that educated me on the health of my teeth and always explained everything in such detail.


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