Dental X-ray is one of the most common methods to diagnose oral health problems. The denser parts of the mouth, like teeth and bone, absorb more X-rays than the soft tissues like gums and cheeks. As a result, more X-rays penetrate cavities and gum disease, making them easily detectable in the reports. With the help of these X-ray reports, the dentist understands what oral concerns you have and prescribes medications accordingly. To know more about dental X-rays, keep reading!

Why are Dental X-Rays Performed?

There are several reasons why your dentist might ask you to undergo dental X-rays. For instance, dentists usually prescribe a new patient to undergo an X-ray so that they can understand the core of their dental issues. However, if you have a previous X-ray report, it might not be required.

Dentists prescribe more dental X-rays to children than to adults. It is because a child’s teeth are constantly developing, and hence, the dentist needs more reports to track the growth of their teeth. The reports also help the doctor understand whether a tooth needs to be pulled out to enable the growth of adult teeth.

How Often are Dental X-Rays Needed?

The number of dental X-rays needed totally depends on what your dentist prescribes. As every patient is different, they require a different number of X-rays. Remember, an X-ray is not mandatory. It is prescribed by the dentist only if you need it. The number and intensity of X-rays also depend on your age, risk, symptoms, etc.

Types of Dental X-Rays

The major types of dental x-rays are as follows:


Here, you need to bite down a paper so that the dentist can check the crowns of your teeth with the help of X-rays.


Here, your jaw is closed, and the dentist checks your teeth line with an X-ray. It helps them detect oral health issues in the mouth or the palate.


The X-ray helps the dentist examine two teeth from root to crown.


This type of X-ray helps examine wisdom teeth, jaw problems, and implanted dental devices.

There is nothing to be scared of dental X-rays. They are painless and done merely because the doctor wants to examine your teeth and gums effectively. Usually, one dental X-ray is enough, but it's fine even if the dentist needs more. 

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