Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planning is a deep cleaning treatment done below the gum line to treat acute periodontal gum disease cases. This treatment is required when some acute periodontal gum disease cases do not respond to more conventional treatment and self-care.

Why Is This Scaling Or Root Treatment Required?

Gum disease is caused by a sticky film formed on the teeth called plaque. It forms when you do not brush your teeth properly or do not brush regularly. Irregular brushing leaves the bacteria in the mouth, forming plaque (a clear coat) overnight. If not cleaned well, the bacteria can cause your gums to become inflamed.

Due to this inflammation, your gum will move away from the teeth, forming small gaps called pockets. Similarly, more plaque forms and gets stuck in these pockets, making them irremovable even with brushing.

If diagnosed early, this can be removed with a professional cleaning since the structure below the gum line is not very damaged. However, scaling and root planing might be the only solution if the pockets are too deep.

How Is It Done?

The deep cleaning process has two main parts, scaling and root planing:


Scaling is the process in which your dentist will remove all the plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) formation from above and below your gumline. This is carefully done to ensure that the cleaning is done down to the bottom of the pocket.

Root Planing

After the scaling is done, your dentist will begin root planing. In this process, your dentist will smooth out your teeth root to help your gums reattach themselves to the teeth.

The whole treatment may require more than one visit to the dentist, and sometimes it may even need local anesthesia.

After Care Tips And Tricks

Good dental care can definitely help in keeping your oral condition healthy. So follow the norms given below:

  • To prevent infection near the treated area or control the pain or heal quicker, you may use a prescribed pill or mouth wash by your dentist.
  • Pay another visit to your dentist to ensure everything is fine and that your gums have healed properly. This is also required to ensure that the pockets do not become deeper and that the treatment is successful.

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