Ridge Augmentation

Tooth loss often causes an indentation in the mouth, resulting in the improper shape of the jawbone. This can be solved with ridge augmentation. The jaw loses its shape after tooth extraction because the ridges get filled with natural tissue. This, too, causes a dysfunctional jaw.

Ridge augmentation helps one contour the jaw like before. It works in places where the alveoli have been damaged or natural tissues are formed. Ridge augmentation also helps in successful dental implants in the future. Read on to learn more about ridge augmentation!

How is the Ridge Augmentation Performed?

A bone graft or tissue is placed in the space where the tooth is missing. This creates a brand new base for implants. Usually, the surgery is performed as soon as a person loses the tooth so that there is no bone loss in the future.

The dentist will carefully place the grafting material into the alveolus, and then the gums will be sutured over the grafts. This will promote quicker healing. Once the grafting is healed properly, the alveolar ridge will be open to new dental implants. The dentist uses anesthesia on the patient during the surgery so that they feel no pain or discomfort.

Who is a Good Candidate for Ridge Augmentation?

Anyone who has suffered tooth loss or has got their tooth extracted can go for ridge augmentation. Even those planning to get dental implants can also get ridge augmentation. Other candidates who are fit for ridge augmentation are people with damaged alveoli, empty cavities, and so on.

Is Getting Ridge Augmentation Safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. After getting a ridge augmentation, getting dental implants also becomes easier and more comfortable. It not only gives you a sharper jaw but also improves your oral health. Improper jaw shape can cause a lot of dental problems. But thankfully, you can prevent all of them with the help of this surgery.

Make sure you get ridge augmentation done by a good dentist. In our clinic, many dentists are experienced with performing ridge augmentation surgery. They have been practicing for over a decade now. 

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