Oral Piercing

Piercing has been a trendy fashion for a long time now, and almost all teens and young adults can be seen with one or several piercings. Oral piercings have also taken the trend like a forest fire. They include piercings on the tongue or around the lips. But is it safe to get an oral piercing?

What are Oral Piercings?

An oral piercing is typically a hole inside or near your mouth where you can wear jewelry. Parts include the tongue, lips, cheek, or uvula (which is the tiny tissue hanging at the back of your throat).

Problems Related to Oral Piercing

Trying to express your style through different modes may sometimes cause you more harm than you imagine. For example, oral jewelry can cause many issues like:

  • It can break off in your mouth, which you may choke unconsciously.
  • You may chip your teeth on it while trying to eat, sleep, or talk. Sometimes you may even need to get rid of the whole tooth due to severe damage.
  • Damage your tongue, gum, or fillings in your teeth.
  • Make you drool, which will is not something amazing to look at.
  • Make it hard for your dentist to take x-rays whenever necessary.
  • It may lead to serious health problems like gum disease, uncontrolled bleeding, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or other long-term infections.
  • Cause damage to the nerves of your tongue.

In fact, any kind of piercings in your body can put you at risk of contracting deadly infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis. Because of all such high risks of oral piercing, the American Dental Association (ADA) warns against oral piercings.

Moreover, people with previous health conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, hemophilia, and autoimmune diseases are more immune to risks caused by oral piercings.

How to Care for Your Oral Piercing?

Once you are done with the piercing, make sure it heals properly and does not get infected. Healing usually takes about 3-4 weeks, ask your piercer about safety measures or follow the norms given below:

  • Use warm salt water to rinse the area after every meal and before bed, or use an alcohol-free mouthwash.
  • Avoid mouth contact like kissing during the healing time to prevent saliva exchange.
  • Eat small bites of healthy food and avoid spicy, acidic, or salty stuff.
  • Talk and chew gently to not damage the jewelry.

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