Old and Unsightly Fillings

Filing is one of the most popular dental treatments for tooth decay. In this procedure, the dentist fills the decayed part of the teeth. There are different types of fillings, as you might know. But the best ones are porcelain and composite resins because they look much better than the ugly fillings used in the past. For instance, the silver amalgams look artificial. But the new fillings look super natural on teeth. To learn more about the latest dental fillings, keep reading!

Tooth Filling Procedure

The tooth filling procedure includes various procedures.

The dentist will first use an anesthetic to numb the area to be filled. Then they will use a laser, drill, or an air abrasion instrument to eliminate the decayed portion. Also, the dentist will conduct a few tests to ensure the decay is removed successfully. If so, they will start removing the bacteria and debris.

The composite layer is then applied in multiple layers. A special hardening light is used to make the filling concrete. The filling is then given proper shape as per your teeth structure. Finally, the filling is polished for a finishing look.

Types of Fillings Available

Nowadays, several types of dental fillings are available in the market besides gold, silver, and porcelain amalgam. The favorite filling that most patients choose is the tooth-colored composite resin variety. This filling comes with a lot of advantages like:

  • These fillings match the color of your teeth, giving them a natural look.
  • They are micro-mechanically bonded with the teeth, giving far better support.
  • They are not just used for filling decays but also to repair broken, chipped, or worn-out teeth.
  • The dentist needs to remove the bare minimum tooth to continue the procedure.

Now, if you are wondering how they are better than silver amalgams, here are a few reasons:

  • Silver fillings obviously do not match the color of your teeth.
  • Often healthy tooth is also removed to fit in the filling.
  • The silver color can leave grayish marks on the surrounding teeth.
  • Silver amalgams can crack when in contact with extremely cold or hot liquid.
  • People who are allergic to mercury cannot go for this option.

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