Nutrition and Your Teeth

A balanced diet is equivalent to good oral health. When you consume the right amount of nutrients, your body becomes healthier overall. It also improves the immune system, keeping plaque-causing bacteria far off from you. Do you want to know more about how nutrition relates to your oral health? We have shared it all in today’s blog. Read on!

Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

Some foods can bring much trouble to your oral health. Starting from tooth loss to gum infection, a lot can be caused if you intake unhealthy foods regularly. Some foods that you need to keep at bay are:

  • Sugary candies
  • Soft drinks
  • Pickles
  • Wine
  • Citrus fruits
  • Crackers
  • Sports beverages
  • Sugar
  • Pasta sauce
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Dry fruits

All of the foods mentioned above contain sugars, which can be harmful to your oral health when consumed daily. Remember, citrus fruits and dry fruits are good for overall health. But you should still limit their intake so as to keep your teeth healthy. Therefore, even if you have them daily, do not overeat.

How Does Sugar Harm Oral Health?

When you eat foods that contain sugar, they stick to your teeth for a longer time. Sugar gives rise to bacterial growth. Bacteria start feeding on the leftover food particles and release an acidic content. This acid accumulates to cause plaque, which poses many risks to your overall dental health.

Teeth and Nutrition of a Child

We know that feeding a child healthy food can be difficult because they are more attracted to junk and candies. But try to cultivate this good habit since childhood. Motivate them to eat more calcium, vitamins, and minerals in the form of fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy products, etc. tell them why eating junk is harmful. They not only keep their oral health at stake on doing so but also get exposed to other disorders like diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and so on.

Nutrition Tips for Your Dental Health

The more they keep away from soda and junk, the better will be their oral health. Remember, you can also feed them fluoride supplements for healthier, but please do only after talking to a dentist. A dentist will be able to prescribe the right supplement for your kid’s oral health.

Besides consuming the right foods, one should also go for regular dental checkups irrespective of their age. Make sure you choose the right dentist for proper treatment. 

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