Non-Drill Fillings in Pasadena CA

When a tooth is injured or decayed, your dentist may recommend getting a filling treatment to repair the tooth and protect it from further damage. There are three main types of fillings that a dentist may use to fix cavities: amalgam, resin composite, and glass ionomer. Each type of filling offers unique benefits that can help patients restore their oral health. However, some patients may not be eligible for certain fillings. A dentist may also use non-drill fillings in Pasadena CA to help repair damaged teeth without the need for drills or needles.

How Are Non-Drill Fillings in Pasadena CA?

For patients who need fillings but are concerned about the pain associated with traditional treatments, a dentist may recommend non-drill fillings in Pasadena CA. These treatments are simple and quick to complete. The dentist will use a special gel to numb the patient’s gums before placing the filling. This gel helps reduce pain during treatment and also takes less time to work than other types of numbing agents. Some patients may not even need anesthetics at all when using non-drill fillings in Pasadena CA.

Once the gums are prepped and ready, the dentist will apply the filling to the tooth in layers. They will apply each layer using a UV light which activates chemicals in the filling. This allows the filling to bind together. Once all of the layers are placed, the dentist will finish by polishing the tooth so that it looks natural and feels smooth. The patient will be able to leave the dentist’s office immediately following the procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Drill Fillings in Pasadena CA?

The benefits of using non-drill fillings in Pasadena CA include the following:

  • Minimal discomfort during placement. Since the material can be hardened with blue light instead of heat, you won’t have to deal with any loud noises or vibrations throughout the procedure.
  • Less chance of tooth damage. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, you won’t have to be drilled into your tooth because the material is bonded to the tooth using a light-activated process.
  • Less removal of healthy tooth structure than amalgam fillings do. This helps to keep more of your natural teeth intact as you age. It also makes teeth easier to clean, reducing the risk of decay. By placing these restorations more conservatively, your dentist can also help to prevent future problems down the road.

If you’re considering non-drill fillings in Pasadena CA, contact our office today for a consultation appointment to get the answers to all of your questions. It’s never too late to get the dental care you need. 


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