Mouth Rinses

Brushing and flossing are often regarded as good oral hygiene power weapons. Even though we do not deny the fact, we think that mouth rinsing holds an equally important position. But, of course, one can't brush and floss their teeth after every meal. Hence, mouth rinse is what you should look up to. It takes just a minute to rinse the mouth. 

Considering the small amount of time required, you get ample benefits. Do you want to know more about mouth rinsing? Worry not! We have covered it all below!

Types of Mouth Rinse

There are two types of mouth rinsing as stated by Food and Drug Administration- cosmetic and therapeutic. Cosmetic rinses are helpful to get rid of food particles stuck between teeth, bad breath, and bacteria. Remember, they are not very effective for gum infections. They work mostly to make your teeth look whiter and brighter; hence, the name cosmetic.

On the other hand, the therapeutic mouth rinse actually works for the well-being of your oral health. It fights bacteria, cavities, plaque, and also gingivitis. So if you are someone not looking for cosmetic benefits, we would recommend you choose therapeutic mouth rinses.

Yes, mouth rinsing with mouthwash is good, but it will also be beneficial if you rinse with water. In that case, use fluoride toothpaste for better results.

How to Pick a Good Mouthwash?

Remember, there are different types of mouthwash in the market serving different oral health purposes. Hence, to pick the best one, you need to find out your requirements first. Usually, a mouthwash containing fluoride is a good fit for all. This is because it serves both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Therefore, go for the fluoride one if you are confused about which mouthwash to pick.

Can Mouth Rinse Help With Plaque?

Plaque happens due to the accumulation of bacteria on teeth. Mouth rinses are highly effective when it comes to cleaning the teeth. They kill all germs and bacteria, giving you the best oral hygiene ever. When there are no bacteria, there will be no plaque!

If you have tried mouth rinse but it didn’t give you desired results, then it’s time to book an appointment with your dentist. A dentist can help you eliminate all oral health problems with proper treatments and medication. 

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