Missing Teeth

Missing teeth is a common oral health issue that most people face at a certain age. It might happen due to gum infection, accident, tooth decay, genetic conditions, and so on. People often feel underconfident about their looks due to missing teeth. But the good news is that you can easily recover a missing tooth with various dental procedures. Keep reading to know more!

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an effective procedure if you want to replace one tooth or many missing teeth from different mouth corners. The dentist will surgically mount a titanium frame into your lower pr upper jaw during the treatment. This implant supports the replacement tooth and helps it to stay intact.

The best part about this treatment is that the replacement looks very real. You wouldn’t be able to differentiate between natural and replaced teeth. Also, a dental implant does not involve other nearby teeth. It is supported on the implant entirely. Hence, allowing nearby teeth to stay intact.

Fixed Dental Bridge

In case more than one tooth is missing from the same area of the mouth, a fixed dental bridge will be a great option. An artificial tooth or a dental prosthetic is used to bridge the gap caused. The dentist bonds the prosthetic to adjacent teeth with the help of dental cement.

Like dental implants, a fixed dental bridge also looks natural. It goes well with your existing teeth and doesn’t look out of the space. Another benefit of getting a fixed dental bridge is its affordable price. It is cheaper compared to dental implants.

Removable Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture will be a good fit for those looking for a replacement for only a few missing teeth. Here, the replacement tooth is attached to a pink base. Even though the base is pink, it does not disturb the natural look of the replacement teeth. It is because the base is customized as per the color of your gum. The nearby teeth hold the base in place. Some dentures also come with an additional clasp for better support.

Removable partial dentures are easy to wear. They are also not that expensive, making them great for those who do not have a high budget. Yes, it might be slightly uncomfortable, but with time, you will get used to it. They are also easy to clean. You need to clean them at least once a day for the long life of the dentures.

Be it crowns or bridges; you will find complete solutions for missing teeth here by our expert dentist, Dr. Jeanne V. Devi, DDS, and her team of dental assistants. Call us at (626) 795-2544 or visit our website for more details. We are located at 595 E Colorado Blvd Suite 603, Pasadena, CA 91101.


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