Maxillofacial Surgery

People often go for facial surgeries either because of medical reasons or because they are dissatisfied with how they look. Whatever be the cause, a maxillofacial surgeon is the one who carries out the procedure. The two most common maxillofacial surgeries involve jaw correction and denture surgery. Do you want to know how these surgeries help? We have shared that below!

Jaw Correction Surgery

With the growing popularity of jaw correction surgery, one might wonder why people go for it. Here are a few reasons:

  • Many people opt for jaw correction surgery if they have crooked teeth, protruding chins, or misaligned teeth.
  • Some people suffer from medical conditions where the jaw on both sides does not grow equally. One might be larger than the other. In some cases, one jaw is not placed properly, whereas the other one is perfectly aligned.
  • An improper jaw can affect how a person looks, making them feel underconfident.
  • It can also cause health problems, like the person might find difficulty swallowing food. Lips and tongue might also get affected.

For all the causes stated above, the one best solution is jaw surgery. The maxillofacial surgeon might also prescribe you to wear braces after the surgery. This will ensure that both your jaw and teeth structure is redefined. 

Small rubber bands or tiny wires can also initiate faster healing after the surgery. Besides that, jaw screws or plates are also used to ensure that you can move the jaw easily after the surgery.

No, you do not have to wear all these tools always. Soon after the surgery heals, you can get rid of them and enjoy the new look!

Denture Fatigue

If you have been wearing dentures for years, you might suffer from oral health issues like gum or bone loss. This usually happens because the appliance rubs the mouth's soft tissues, causing damage. But gladly, such denture fatigue issues can also be treated with the help of maxillofacial surgery. The dentists will use several methods to cure the issue. Some of them are:

  • Bone grafts
  • Jaw realignment
  • Manipulation of soft tissues

Remember, whenever performing any facial surgery, always get in touch with the best maxillofacial surgeons. You do not want to create more oral issues by going to the wrong surgeon. 

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