Lacerations and Cuts

Cuts or lacerations inside the mouth should not be left unaddressed for long. If not healed on time, they can cause infection, leading to deadly oral diseases. But a timely visit to a dentist can save you from all such trauma. Do you want to know more about cuts or lacerations inside the mouth? Keep reading to find out!

Difference between Cuts and Lacerations

So what is the basic difference between cuts and lacerations? A cut is usually a wound caused by sharp objects. It isn’t that deep and heals quicker. On the other hand, a laceration is a more serious injury that cuts the skin deeper. As a result, it takes slightly longer to heal. But often, these terms are used together because they denote almost the same physical condition.

Symptoms of Cuts or Lacerations

A few major symptoms to recognize cuts or laceration are:

  • The first obvious symptom has to be blood. There are only a few rare cuts when there is no bleeding.
  • In the case of laceration, you might be able to see the underlying flesh and tissues in the mouth.
  • Due to the cut, the insides of your mouth will get a burning sensation whenever you are eating or drinking something. At times it also pains when you move your mouth.

First-Aid for Cut in Mouth

Follow the first-aid steps below when there is a cut in the mouth:

  • Wash your hands with hand wash before touching the affected area.
  • Clean the laceration with clean tap water.
  • Remove any food particles inside the mouth.
  • Take a clean towel and press the bleeding area slightly. Hold it until the bleeding stops.
  • Suck on ice to help the pain. Avoid this step for children.

These are the only steps you need to do for the first-aid. Remember, you should never apply or consume any medicine without consulting the doctor.

When to See a Dentist?

If the bleeding isn’t stopping or the wound hasn’t healed for days, you must visit a dentist. Depending on the injury level, the dentist will prescribe you medicines. If any facial joint or bone is involved, they might also conduct maxillofacial surgery.

For jaw cuts or lacerations, many treatments like jaw surgery, screws, plates, tiny wires, and rubber bands are used to keep the jaw in place. This allows the fractured jaw to heal quickly. 

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