A bone graft is a procedure performed to restore bone that has been lost or to provide additional support and increase the amount of bone in a particular area. Soft tissue grafts are performed to treat gum disease and other gum problems.

How Is a Graft Performed?

There are several ways to do dental grafting. However, the most basic procedure is when a dentist or oral surgeon makes an incision in the jaw and then attaches other bone material to the jaw. Generally, a bone from the hip, tibia, or back of the jaw is taken to do this surgery since they increase bony support in the jaw and promote faster healing and new bone formation.

Given below are four sources of material used for grafting:

Autografts – A bone from your own body, such as hip or jaw, is taken.

Allografts – In this, a bone from a different person is used, usually a cadaver.

Xenografts – A bone from different species is taken, such as a cow, pig, or coral.

Alloplasts – This deals with synthetic materials like calcium phosphate or calcium sodium phosphosilicate, also known as bioglass.

Who Needs Bone Grafting?

The most common reasons for oral bone grafting are:

Implants for Missing teeth 

The most common candidates for dental bone grafting are those who are going for implants in place of missing teeth. In a dental implant, artificial roots shaped like screws are placed in jawbones, over which a crown is placed. Bone grafting is thus necessary to provide a strong base for the implant. 

Tooth Loss or Gum Disease 

Dental grafts may even be required to support a jaw section that has lost bone due to gum disease or tooth loss. Before bone loss affects the nearby teeth, it is advisable to get a bone graft. It can help to prevent further bone loss and exclude long-term complications.  

Bone Loss

People with bone loss can lose their overall facial structure. If the lower jaw bone loses mass, it may appear to protrude forward, affecting the appearance of lips and muscles around them. 

Bone loss is more common among the elderly due to a condition called osteoporosis. However, anyone who has suffered to the jaw or experienced problems due to oral hygiene may need a dental graft. 

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