Coronavirus Myths & Facts

Many rumors have been in the air with the onslaught of coronavirusirus. But which of them are myths, and which ones are facts? Want to know that? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In today’s blog, we will help you differentiate between myths and facts based on the rumors about the Coronavirus.  

  • Masks Help You Stay Uninfected from the Virus

Myth! Masks are not the best way of keeping you safe from the virus. Experts now say that masks do not help. However, they also believe that you should definitely wear a mask if you are infected with the virus and have symptoms like cold and cough. This will ensure that you spread less infection in the air.

  • Only Older People Can Get Affected

Myth! Even though older people are at a higher risk of getting affected by COVID-19, the young generation can also get infected. This is because the virus attacks people who suffer from other health disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc. Hence, age is not the primary factor here.

  • Drinking-Water More Often Helps with the Prevention of the Virus

Myth! Drinking water is healthy, but it has nothing to do with preventing the infection. However, you should still stay hydrated no matter whether you are sick or not.

  • You Cannot Get Infected If You are Staying with an Infected Person for Less Than 10 Minutes

Myth! You can get infected within 10 seconds if there is a virus transmission from the infected person to your body. There is no such time bar for the transmission of the virus.

  • Consuming Higher Quantities of Vitamin C will Result in Quicker Recovery

Myth! Vitamin C is great for building up a better immunity system. However, taking it in excess is not going to help.

  • You Need to Wash Hands with Hot Water to Kill the Virus

Myth! Washing hands with soap and water of any temperature will do. There is no need to use hot water.

  • Summer Days can Reduce the Infection

Maybe or may not be a myth! Scientists are still studying the effects of weather on the virus. There are a few studies that suggest COVID-19 spreads less during warm weather. But there is no concrete evidence yet.

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