Coronavirus: Is It Safe to Get Deliveries?

With the ongoing covid pandemic, the lockdown restrictions are becoming more strict day by day. To follow all the norms set by the government, people cannot always step out of their houses to get the things or food they need daily. Consequently, all companies have started making home deliveries that you cannot avoid during this out-of-hand situation.

The Growing Question Of Worker Safety

With the enormous overflow of commerce, businesses have to hire more and more workers to meet the growing demand. Companies have repeatedly reported how much care and safety they follow while doing home deliveries in this coronavirus pandemic. But the news is always not true.

For some time now, many workers have reported on various social media platforms how less safety is actually followed in the companies and their warehouses. In addition, many workers from top brands have reported neglect regarding the sanitization of delivery trucks and packages. But seeing the situation around us, we cannot always avoid getting deliveries.

How To Receive Packages Safely?

So, instead of getting scared and finding fault in others, we should take all necessary safety measures ourselves. It is not always possible for us to visit supermarkets to buy supplies. Most of the supplies are needed to be bought online. So, when any delivery packages arrive, make sure to do the following:

  • Ask the delivery person to leave the package outside of your house, away from your door.
  • After they leave, they step outside wearing a mask with a sanitizer bottle.
  • Carefully sanitize the whole package, ensuring that every part of it is sanitized.
  • If possible, wear disposable gloves and bring the package inside.
  • However possible, keep it out of reach of children and adults and open it after at least 3-4 days. To follow this step, order your supplies before completely running out.
  • In the case of instant food, give it some time before opening the package. You can also reheat the food for extra safety.

Gladly, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that it is unlikely for an infected person to transmit the virus onto packages. And even if it does, the chances of people contracting the virus from those packages are even lower. So do not get nervous and just follow the protocols to remain safe.

Stay calm and keep your family and friends calm. Getting nervous and panicking will only make the situation more chaotic. To learn more about covid related safety measures, and get expert advice, book an appointment with Dr. Jeanne V. Devi, DDS- call us at (626) 795-2544 or visit our website. We are located at 595 E Colorado Blvd Suite 603, Pasadena, CA 91101.


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