Chipped, Cracked, and Worn Teeth

Teeth can be damaged in many ways, and depending on the type of injury, the treatment is done. However, until you go to a dentist to fix it, you can protect your tooth and avoid further injury. Find out more about chipped, cracked, and worn-out teeth!

Causes of Chipped Tooth

Anyone can chip their tooth at any point in time. It is not something we do deliberately. Some causes of breaking are:

  • Falling down and hitting the mouth area due to any kind of accident.
  • Biting on hard substances like bones, ice, or hard candy.
  • Playing sports without using a mouthguard or getting punched in the face.

Which Teeth are of High Risk?

Any weak tooth is at potential risk of getting cracked or worn out. Other scenarios are:

  • According to studies, the lower molar is at a considerably higher risk of being broken because it takes a fair amount of pressure while eating.
  • Teeth that have filling in them.
  • Intact teeth are also prone to get cracked but only have a lower risk.

Symptoms of a Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Visit a doctor to get examined to know, or else see if you have the following symptoms:

  • When you move your tongue over your teeth, you feel a jagged surface
  • Irritation of the gum near the chipped tooth area
  • Irritation on your tongue while feeling the cracked tooth
  • Pain on the tooth and gum region if you bite on it

How to Treat a Cracked, Chipped, or Worn Out Tooth?

Unless you have severe pain in your mouth, causing problems in eating and sleeping, it is not a medical emergency. Different kinds of damage require a different kind of treatment. 

Reattachment of Tooth

If you have the broken part of the tooth with you, keep it in a glass of milk, and rush to the doctor, they can cement the part together. In addition, the milk will help keep it moist and retain calcium. You can even keep it tucked into your gum.

Dental Bonding

If you lose the cracked part, porcelain or composite resin shapes and forms the broken portion. Bonds can last up to almost ten years.

Dental Onlays

The damage is not significant; your dentist may suggest a single onlay. Otherwise, if the damage is more, they may replace the whole tooth with an onlay.

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