Calming Your Child's Coronavirus Fears

With the growing pandemic and everything going out of order, it is normal to feel scared. But panicking out of fear should be reduced, and we should try to stay calm and understand the situation. But taking things calmly can be done by adults, so what about children?

Children cannot understand what is happening and may start to panic. With schools closing and sports and other activities getting canceled, it must be hard for kids to stay calm. They must have enjoyed it when everything started because it felt like being on holiday. 

Bring The Fun Inside

Children will be most affected by the closing down of the playground. Try making game nights now at the home and help them enjoy their time inside the house. Play board games, or if you have a garden, even better. Try playing outdoor games with them, in the garden, to keep them happy. They will miss their companions, so become their friends and have fun with them. Make video calls to other friends and family and play games online.

This will also be a hard time for teenagers. With school parties and proms being canceled, they will be extremely unhappy. Set up candlelight dinners with them or decorate the house to make staying home enjoyable.

Make Routines And Schedules

It is a great deal to keep children calm in this chaotic situation. With schools being closed, they will be out of the daily routine which they followed. Try to keep them in that similar routine. Instead of thinking of this time as a holiday, make routines from the time they get up to the time they go to bed. 

Fix times when they will study or watch tv or play games. Ask them to help you around the house and give them chores. These few things will cheer them up a lot.

Keep Them Updated On The News

Hiding the news of the virus spreading will only worsen the situation more if they get to know it from an external source. Update the kids on the news by telling how much they know and asking them what they think about the whole scenario. Teach your children the rules of washing hands frequently and other Covid protocols. 

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