Air Abrasion

Just the thought of the high-pitched whirring of a dental drill makes people upset and scared. So, to get the debris and decay removed comfortable, we have brought a new technique called air abrasion. This tool can make the whole dental process painless and, you may not even require anesthesia to stay calm.

After the use of air abrasion, you might feel some gritty feeling in your mouth that can be soon rinsed away using a little suction device.

Air abrasion can help fix tiny cracks and imperfections present in your tooth. It is also often used in the case of bonding procedures and for restorations that make use of composite or tooth-colored fillings.

What are the benefits of using Air Abrasion?

In comparison to the traditional drilling method, air abrasion offers many benefits:

  • It does not form heat, pressure, or any vibration.
  • If the cavity is shallow, you may not even require anesthesia for using air abrasion.
  • You can preserve your healthy tooth tissue with it.
  • Using it declines the chances of any fractures and chips of the tooth to an extent.
  • The whole process is made simple with it. 

Who can get Air Abrasion dental procedures?

Air abrasion can be used for people or children who are afraid of the dentist even to get the minimal decay treated.

What are the other dental treatments provided with Air Abrasion?

Air abrasion can also help in offering the following types of treatments:

  • Get an old composite filling removed, not a silver amalgam filling.
  • Make your tooth surface ready for bonding or sealants.
  • Get rid of superficial stains and discolored teeth

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