What Happens During a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Posted by Jeanne V. Devi DDS on Nov 9 2021, 06:16 AM

Dental cleaning is a crucial procedure for keeping your teeth clean and for maintaining your oral health. At Jeanne V. Devi DDS in Pasadena, CA, we recommend regular dental cleanings to all our patients as it is a simple and straightforward procedure that brings many benefits and helps keep their teeth and gums healthy.

What Is Dental Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is an essential part of an oral hygiene regimen. It is a procedure that helps remove plaque and tartar buildup and prevents periodontal diseases, cavities, and gingivitis. 

Dental cleanings should be done every 6 months for optimal oral health.

The Steps Involved in Professional Dental Cleaning

Physical Examination

The cleaning procedure begins with a thorough examination of your entire mouth. A special mirror will be used to inspect your teeth and gums and identify signs of gingivitis or other dental concerns. 

Removing Plaque and Tartar

Brushing and flossing prevent plaque from accumulating and hardening into tartar. Once tartar has formed, it can only be removed properly at a dental office. 

Our dental hygienist will use a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from around your gum line and between your teeth. The more tartar buildup there is in your mouth, the longer it will take them to scrape a certain area. 

Cleaning with Abrasive Toothpaste

Following the removal of the tartar, our specialist will use an electric brush and a special toothpaste to clean your teeth. Any leftover tartar will be eliminated, leaving your mouth clean and your teeth smooth. 

Professional Flossing

Whether you floss at home or not, nothing beats professional flossing. Our flossing tools can reach deep between your teeth and remove any accumulations or debris. 


The next step is rinsing your mouth with a fluoride-rich solution to get rid of any particles or debris. 

Applying Fluoride

Fluoride treatment helps prevent dental cavities and tooth decay. It entails applying a frothy gel on your teeth and leaving it on for one minute. Fluoride varnish will then be applied to the teeth, which will harden when it comes into contact with saliva. After that, you can begin eating and drinking immediately.

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