Three Ways to Help Your Child Relax at the Dentist

Posted by Jeanne V. Devi DDS on Jul 14 2021, 05:24 AM

In the absence of dental care, a child's chance of acquiring cavities rises. Cavities, if left untreated, may result in tooth issues, including pain and discomfort. In certain circumstances, the infected tooth may need to be extracted.

Dental anxiety may have a severe effect if it is not recognized and addressed. And the long-term effect on a child's oral health, even more so if parents use their child's worry as an excuse to delay routine dental checks. Although we cannot always prevent dental anxiety, parents and dentists must collaborate and work together to assist children in overcoming dental fear at an early age.

What Alleviates Dental Fear in Children? 

When dealing with dental fear in children, just ordering them to the dentist or telling them to "get over it" is insufficient. Parents must be very deliberate and concentrated in their approach to assisting their children in working through and overcoming their fear.

There are, however, ways to "de-stress" the dental visits of your youngster. 

3 Strategies for Easing Your Child's Dental Fear

Start Visiting As Soon As Possible

Most dentists and physicians recommend that your child have their first dental appointment when one year old. By that time, most of their primary teeth will have erupted, necessitating monitoring and decay prevention methods. Beginning visits earlier in childhood, rather than later, seems to help prevent the development of dental visit anxiety.

Utilize Sedative Therapy

Even with the greatest attempts at soothing, some children have anxiety during dentist appointments. Your dentist may be able to assist by delivering a little sedative to your youngster before and during the appointment. 

These drugs are not anesthetics, that numb the body to pain; rather, they alleviate your child's anxiety while keeping them awake and attentive. When used with positive reinforcement, Sedation may help your kid have a more enjoyable dentist visit experience.

Set a Good Example

Children naturally imitate their parents' or caregivers' conduct and attitudes. They're more inclined to follow suit if they see you taking your cleanliness routines seriously. Similarly, if kids see you feeling uneasy during a dentist appointment, they will perceive this as a good cause to feel the same way. 

Therefore, see your visit to the dentist as an "adventure" with a prize at the conclusion. Additionally, maintain your composure—if you are calm and fearless, others will be as well. Consult us to get the best family dentistry services. 

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