Implant-supported Dentures are a Better Fit and May Stop Bone Loss

Posted by Jeanne V. Devi DDS on Sep 17 2019, 03:10 AM

Dental implants are a premier technology that dentists have used throughout the world for a long time. But we are not here to talk about individual tooth implants. Well, think again. Complete implant-supported dentures provide better stability to the gum and provide better comfort. In addition, this type of implant helps to improve bone health and reduces or stops bone loss altogether. 

Problems With Single Dental Implants

Although they show a successful history, single tooth implants may still cause problems to your bones. This is because bones go through a continuous cycle of development throughout our life. Teeth also go through a similar process, and thus, single implants may seem problematic then. 

Dentures can be refit with new material or necessary to replace after a time. However, staying with the same set along with the altered bone structure of your jaw can only lead to further problems and also bone loss. This can be fixed with the new technology of implant-supported dentures, which combine a traditional denture and a dental implant. 

How Is The Implant Supported dentures Fixed And How Does It Work?

Implant-supported dentures are surgically implanted on your jaw bone for better fit and comfort. Once placed inside your mouth, the implants gain good support from the gum and relieve the bone pressure. New bones can also grow and attach themselves to the host implant, increasing its stability to a greater extent and stopping bone loss. 

How Does Implant Supported Dentures Help Bone Health?

First of all, the dentures on your single tooth will no longer put much pressure on the jaw ridges, which was the only place for them to hold on to. Instead, the implants can now hold on to your whole jaw bone, using them as support. These implants are made with titanium. 

Titanium, which has a healthy affinity towards bones, helps in the natural growth of bone cells. It also helps them grow and take support on its body. This natural integration between these two can help stop bone loss and be beneficial. 

Consult With Your Dentist Before Deciding Anything

It is always best to get an expert to advise on any matter as important as your teeth. If you do not like your single dental implant or are not satisfied with how your teeth look, consult a dentist on what to do first. They will provide the best solution to every problem you have and answer all queries. 

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