How Could a No-Prep Veneer Eliminate the Need to Remove Tooth Enamel?

Posted by Jeanne V. Devi DDS on Mar 17 2021, 05:51 AM

Porcelain veneers are one of the finest methods to modify your teeth' look with just a fair bit of dental preparation. But even that tiny quantity might leave a veneered tooth irreversibly changed.

As the name indicates, veneers are thin layers of custom-designed porcelain cemented to the exterior of a tooth to mask imperfections.

They're generally appropriate for mild chipping, discoloration, or even modest teeth misalignments. But while they're thin—often just a millimeter or two in thickness—they may nonetheless make a tooth seem or feel big.

We normally need to remove a portion of the tooth's surface enamel to eliminate this additional breadth. Since enamel doesn't replace itself, this modification might imply the tooth would need a repair from then on.

Here are some features of no-prep veneers and ways it eliminates the need to remove tooth enamel.

No Dental Modification Needed 

No-Prep or Minimal Prep veneers that entail little to no dental modification. In most situations, they're attached to the teeth with just a little enamel contouring.

Because of their ultra-thinness, No-Prep veneers (typically between 0.3 to 0.5 mm, as thin as a contact lens) are attached directly on teeth that are almost undisturbed prior. 

Easily Removable

A no-prep veneer normally needs enamel reshaping with an abrasive tool before it's applied. And unlike regular veneers, they may easily be removed if required to restore the teeth to their natural structure without any treatment.

Helps in Correcting Malformed Teeth

These new veneers are excellent for those with little teeth or slightly malformed teeth that may seem peg-shaped. 

But those with big teeth, certain malocclusions (poor bites), or similar dental problems may still need enamel removal to minimize bulkiness even with ultra-thin veneers.

If you don’t have those types of difficulties and your teeth are relatively healthy, we can put no-prep or minimal-prep veneers in as little as two sessions. The outcome might be life-changing as you obtain a new smile you’re more than glad to share.

Jeanne V. Devi, DDS, and her team of dental assistants offer expert no-prep veneer procedures, thus avoiding the need of removing tooth enamel. If you would like more information about no-prep veneers, call us at (626) 795-2544 or visit our website. We are located at 595 E Colorado Blvd Suite 603, Pasadena, CA 91101.

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