Four Things You Can Do to Protect Oral Health During Cancer Treatment

Posted by Jeanne V. Devi DDS on May 13 2021, 05:44 AM

Chemotherapy employs a variety of different medications to attack cancer cells. These medications also have a detrimental effect on normal cells, including those in the mouth. Radiation treatment to the head and neck region destroys cancer and normal oral cells. Chemotherapy or radiation treatment to the head and neck region may harm the gums, teeth, soft tissue lining of the mouth, and salivary glands.

Despite significant advances in the battle against cancer in recent years, medicines may still interrupt daily living. Both radiation and chemotherapy have potential side effects that might affect other body sections, most notably the teeth and gums.

While you or a loved one is having cancer treatment, it's important to be aware of potential oral health risks. 

Arrange for a Preliminary Dental Examination

Before initiating treatment, patients should have their teeth and gums examined to create a baseline for current oral health and address any existing abnormalities. Patients should, however, only have dental operations for which enough recuperation time is available before beginning radiation or chemotherapy.

Maintain Thorough Oral Hygiene

Chemotherapy might raise your chance of getting tooth decay or gum disease. That is why patients must brush and floss properly every day to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque that causes illness. 

Patients should also limit sugar in their diets, which serves as an excellent food supply for germs, and consume "tooth-friendly" foods rich in minerals such as calcium and phosphorous to maintain healthy teeth.

Maintain Regular Dental Appointments

The physical toll of cancer therapy often makes it difficult to do basic tasks. Nonetheless, patients should attempt to maintain frequent dental checkups throughout their therapy. Apart from the additional disease prevention that dental cleanings give, the dentist may also monitor for changes in oral health and provide treatment as necessary.

Reduce the Occurrence of Dry Mouth

Suffering from cancer might impair saliva production and flow. It may result in chronic dry mouth and, in the absence of adequate protection from dental disease provided by saliva, can raise the risk of tooth decay or gum disease. Patients may help alleviate dry mouth by increasing their water intake, utilizing saliva boosters, and discussing pharmaceutical options with their physician.

Impairment to your oral health may probably occur during cancer treatment, and you may require some dental repair afterward. However, these instructions may help limit the damage and make it simpler to restore your oral health after the procedure.

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